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ee-Training Solutions

Ree-Training Solutions offer group exercise and fitness training for health clubs, individual instructors or personal trainers.   Across our catalogue of courses you are sure to find a workout that suits your requirements, whether you are after a workout biased towards energy or relaxation.

All our programmes are completely venue licence free so once qualified you are free to teach the program anywhere*.  In addition to this all music used for our Pree-Choreographed programmes is PPL free too! 


We have sourced some of the best music available, and more importantly suitable to each unique program, to offer workouts that will keep your clients engaged and enthused about returning to the next session.

Currently four programmes will be brought to the UK, however others will follow, allowing you to offer a full workout solution.  Working with EMD UK, the National Governing Body for Group Exercise in the UK, all courses carry their endorsement.  This endorsement means that instructors attending our courses have not only the peace of mind of knowing they’re attending a recognised course, but it also gives future class participants confidence that they’re attending a session taught by an appropriately qualified instructor.

All our Tutors, Master Trainers and Programme Directors**, have expertise and experience to ensure that you receive the most effective and safe, but fun, training possible.  Subsequently the knowledge gained will allow class participants a superb workout experience. 


Our current pree-choreographed** solutions are:

Ree-Pump - A barbell and free weights workout

Ree-Groove - A simple easy to follow dance workout.

Ree-Balance - A Pilates and stretch based workout.

Ree-Combat - A mixed martials arts influenced workout.





 - Assuming it is safe and legal to do so

** - With regards the pree-choreographed offerings


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