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People often understand the benefits of resistance training but can find solo working in a free weights or gym environment daunting, intimidating or even difficult. Similarly, the thought of repeatedly paying for personal training sessions may be a step too far for some clients.


They may already be used to utilising the group exercise offerings in the studios for other classes or be looking for the motivation and fun that classes often bring.


Ree-Pump offers the benefits of free weight, resistance training, coupled with the motivation of a group class where technique is continually monitored and controlled by a suitably skilled instructor, giving them a safe and effective workout.

Utilising moderate weights this barbell and free weights class gives a workout that encompasses the whole body. Add some of the best music available to the fitness industry to create class that people will want to attend, and keep coming back to time after time.





Once qualified new releases, containing music and choreography, are released via our instructor portal, subject to maintaining your subscription to the service.

Subscription costs:
1 Programme   - £15 per month

2 Programmes - £25 per month

3 Programmes - £35 per month

4 Programmes - £40 per month

Course Pree-requisites


To attend the course the attendee must hold one of the following essential qualifications:

  • L2 or above Exercise to Music Qualification

  • L2 or above Gym Qualification

  • L2 or above Personal Training Qualification


The ability to hear and work with music is also a desirable quality

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