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Our family of pree-choreographed fitness programs are designed to offer an effective, yet challenging where applicable, workout that will have your class members enjoying a group class experience that will leave them wanting more...

Our programs are all accredited by the National Governing Body for group exercise - EMD UK

Our programmes cover the energy class through conditioning to mind body, utilising traditional and innovative exercises*.


Each programme is designed and delivered with music and choreography for the instructor to follow, subject to subscription. 

All our programmes are venue licence free and all music used is PPL free too.

* - exercises can be modified to suit participants where necessary

Addtional Programs

We are also the home of F1REE.
A thirty-minute class designed to create an afterburn so you continue to burn fat cells after the class finished.
Utilising a blend of training styles which include peripheral heart rate training, overload training and metabolic training it's a class where the attendee can challenge themselves. 

Please note this is not a Pre-Choreographed class.

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