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This non-contact high energy class, influenced by martial arts, will have your participants, feeling like a fighter.  Assist your class attendees in releasing their daily stresses and tensions. 

Utilising varying combinations of punches, blocks, strikes and kicks to provide one serious cardiovascular workout, combined with the control of balance and whole-body conditioning.

The music will drive through energy highs and controlled fight combinations, allowing you to coach, guide and drive your class through the varying levels to take them to their next level.  Utilising just their own body, and potentially a mat, you get a class that gives you a workout that encompasses the whole body.  

Once qualified new releases, containing music and choreography, are released via our instructor portal, subject to maintaining your subscription to the service.

Subscription costs:
1 Programme   - £15 per month

2 Programmes - £25 per month

3 Programmes - £35 per month

4 Programmes - £40 per month

Course Pree-requisites


To attend the course the attendee must hold one of the following essential qualifications:

  • L2 or above Exercise to Music Qualification

  • L2 or above Gym Qualification

  • L2 or above Personal Training Qualification


The ability to hear and work with music is also a desirable quality

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