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Fitness Class

Dance can be addictive, but most people have a fear of it, thinking they won’t be able to do it or might look silly.  Ree-Groove is an achievable aerobic dance class where the choreography is easy to follow, the work out is cardio driven and the tunes are bouncing, energetic and have party feel throughout.  

The class is all about simplicity, fun and achievability, where you have the option to switch off the lights, and hit the dance floor under the disco lights, and party to some of the best party/disco tracks through the years. 

Ree-Groove offers the euphoric feeling that dance brings, coupled with aerobic training, to give the motivation of a group class that feels much more about the dance and enjoyment rather than just another workout.

Once qualified new releases, containing music and choreography, are released via our instructor portal, subject to maintaining your subscription to the service.

Subscription costs:
1 Programme   - £15 per month

2 Programmes - £25 per month

3 Programmes - £35 per month

4 Programmes - £40 per month

Course Pree-requisites


To attend the course the attendee must hold one of the following essential qualifications:

  • L2 or above Exercise to Music Qualification

  • L2 or above Gym Qualification

  • L2 or above Personal Training Qualification


The ability to hear and work with music is also a desirable quality

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