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Gym Class

This Pilates and stretch based workout, set to motivating music, allows the body to gently flow from sequence to sequnce.  Each track starts with a base set of moves and has the option to develop them, taking you from dynamic sequences, through balance challenging tracks and finally into a long well deserved stretch sequence. 

The chosen movements create a workout to offer conditioning and stretch, which in turn creates a toned and flexible body.  Through simple repetition clients will achieve the benefits of a Pilates session, whilst building knowledge of their body, how it feels and develop confidence to go further.

For your clients Ree-Balance allows them to calm their mind and strengthen their body, from the inside out and subsequently reduce their stress levels.  Towards the end of the class their is also a period of stretch which will assist in the reduction of any aches in the body and allow a feeling of well-being to enter the body.


Utilising their own body and a mat take your class on a calming journey to ease away the daily pressures everyone faces, whilst the music guides and motivates to obtain results whilst still having a sense of fun and enjoyment.

Once qualified new releases, containing music and choreography, are released via our instructor portal, subject to maintaining your subscription to the service.

Subscription costs:
1 Programme   - £15 per month

2 Programmes - £25 per month

3 Programmes - £35 per month

4 Programmes - £40 per month

Course Pree-requisites


To attend the course the attendee must hold one of the following essential qualifications:

  • L2 or above Exercise to Music Qualification

  • L2 or above Gym Qualification

  • L2 or above Personal Training Qualification

  • L3 or above Pilates Qualification


The ability to hear and work with music is also a desirable quality

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