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Ree-Training Solutions

Ree-Training Solutions is the UK face of an international company that supplies pre-choreographed workouts to suitably qualified fitness professionals, be their background be in the group exercise environment or the gym/personal training environment.

Each host country selects the "PRE" section of the class name and then releases videos and choreography notes in their selected language.  As a provider of these services Ree-Training Solutions cannot sell outside of the UK base of instructors for courses or releases, unless as a company we take on further areas, or no reseller exists in that country. Like wise other countries cannot enter the UK market for sales.

This has many benefits but the main one is that you will always be dealing with a UK based person who understands the requirements for the fitness industry in the UK.  As a company it has advantages to us in that should anyone teach products claiming to be Ree-Training Solutions Programmes when they are not or utilise music which is not from one of our releases we have a legal team we can hand the case over too.

All the programmes are completely venue licence free so once qualified you are free to teach the program anywhere, assuming it is safe and legal to do so.  In addition to this all music used for our Pre-Choreographed programmes is PPL free too, so the venues used would only require a PRS licence.


The music sourced for the programmes has been carefully selected to suit each unique programme and whilst it is PPL Free music it still has a quality sound.   The music is a huge feature, along with your own personality, in ensuring that class attendees stay engaged with the class, the programme and enthused about returning to your next session.

In the UK we currently have four programmes, allowing you to offer a full workout solution. 


All our training courses are fully endorsed by EMD UK,  the National Governing Body for Group Exercise in the UK. This endorsement means that instructors attending our courses have not only the peace of mind of knowing they’re attending a recognised course, but it also gives future class participants confidence that they’re attending a session taught by an appropriately qualified instructor.  Whilst other accreditations are available it made sense to follow the guidance of our industries National Governing Body.

Each of the programmes has its own Programme Director to over see the training content, applicability, and to ensure that our tutors and master trainers are repeatedly hitting a standard that ensures you  receive the most effective and safe, but fun, training possible.  


The four programmes currently on UK release are:

Ree-Pump - A barbell and free weights workout

Ree-Groove - A simple easy to follow dance workout.

Ree-Balance - A Pilates and stretch based workout.

Ree-Combat - A mixed martials arts influenced workout.


As a company we release four releases a year per programme, and with each release there is access to an online video, choreography notes and music.  The music and choreography notes are of course downloadable.

The programmes operate on a monthly subscription service and as long as you are subscribed to the releases you will be notified  as new ones become available.  Within the UK the costs for the subscription service is:

One Programme      - £15 per month

Two Programmes    - £25 per month

Three Programmes - £35 per month

Four Programmes   - £40 per month

There is also the option to sign up for a guaranteed 12 month period and then upon your first payment reaching us you also receive the previous 3 releases of your particular programme.

As part of your training you will of course receive the current release in your  chosen programme upon completion.

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